Market News

In response to the health and safety concerns surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we will be suspending the market at this time.   We will continue to follow the guidance of the CDC and our local and state officials and urge you to do the same.

We currently do not have a reopening date for the market.  As soon as one is confirmed we will post it.

Just because you are unable to visit our amazing vendors at the Wednesday Pier Farmers Market during the Coronavirus shut down doesn't mean you still can't get their amazing creations.  Let's all do some online shopping!!!  Please visit the vendor pages from our website for contact information and reach out to them.  Orders can be sent out via USPS, FedEx, UPS - heck many of them live right in your back yard and may deliver or offer to meet you somewhere.  How easy is that!


This is an incredibly difficult time for our vendors.  The markets, festivals and craft shows are their livelihood and with many being canceled it has hit them hard.  Let's do what we can to support the makers, bakers and creators of the Wednesday Pier Farmers Market so they can continue to be a part of the market and our community.

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